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Black films that topped the box office: Think Like a Man came in at No. 1 over the weekend, but it's not the first black film to have that kind of success. BET News has a list of other blockbusters.


Nick Cannon says, "I feel better than ever": The America's Got Talent host talked to about his health scare, Mariah and his twins turning 1.

What student-loan-rate increases mean for black students: The federally backed Stafford loan program, with a current interest rate of 3.4 percent, helps make college more affordable for low- and middle-income undergraduates. But if the law cutting the interest rates for the program expires, the rates will double on July 1 to 6.8 percent — the current rate for unsubsidized loans — and raise the costs by an average of $1,000 for each of the nearly 7 million undergraduates who receive it. Of those who benefit from subsidized Stafford loans, 1.5 million African Americans represent the single largest group of borrowers by ethnicity, the Huffington Post reports.


Hate crime? White man beaten over racial slurs: Roughly 20 black men, women and children are said to have been involved in a brutal beatdown that occurred in Mobile, Ala., Saturday and left Matthew Owens in critical condition. Many reports of the attack have labeled it a hate crime, while others have called it retaliation for Trayvon Martin, since one of the men involved in the fight was heard saying, "Now, that's justice for Trayvon" when the beating ended.

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