Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-Texas), a member of the CBC, at an event last year (Kris Connor/Getty Images)

Saying they are still gathering information, several members of the Congressional Black Caucus apparently are not ready to rubber-stamp President Barack Obama's plan to strike Syria, according to The Hill.

Black Democrats were among the most consistently vocal opponents of the Iraq war a decade ago, and they're now among the most reluctant to endorse a U.S. attack on Bashar Assad's forces in response to the Syrian strongman's alleged use of chemical weapons on civilians.

A handful of CBC members are already on record saying they'd oppose a use-of-force resolution on the House floor, while a growing number, although publicly uncommitted, are voicing strong reservations.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) said Thursday that she is "not prepared to suggest that there is no basis" for strikes, but she wants assurances that the attacks won't put U.S. troops in harms way.

"I am going to continue to explore with the appropriate officials as to whether or not we are sure that there will be no boots on the ground of U.S. troops," she said following a confidential briefing with administration officials in the Capitol. "And that I can't answer for you right now." 


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