Study: Black boys get less attention, lower grades: Yale University's Child Study Center research shows that black children — especially boys — no matter their family income, receive less attention, harsher punishment and lower grades in school than their white counterparts. The disparities are seen from kindergarten through college.

Rick Ross: Not a gangster, and his fans don't care: Slate's Joshua Weiner explains why people still love him, despite the fact that his underworld résumé has been thrown into question.

Senagalese drink mogul brings Africa to U.S. business: Senegalese entrepreneur Magatte Wade is the creator of multimillion-dollar U.S. company Adina World Beat Beverages, which makes drinks based on traditional recipes from around the world.

Nashville country club considering first black member in racist history: The Belle Meade Country Club may be poised to accept the first African-American resident member in its nearly 100-year history, according to club documents obtained by the Nashville Scene. However, a letter obtained by the publication suggests that the reception might be less than friendly.