First lady Melania Trump stands with Ivanka Trump before President Donald Trump delivered remarks on American involvement in Afghanistan at the Fort Myer military base on August 21, 2017 in Arlington, Virginia. Trump was expected to announce a modest increase in troop levels in Afghanistan, the result of a growing concern by the Pentagon over setbacks on the battlefield for the Afghan military against Taliban and al-Qaeda forces.
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The women of the White House are beefing over who can outpose whom with little black girls.

It’s been no secret that first lady Melania Trump and first daughter Ivanka (who acts a lot like she’s the first lady) are basically the generic singers in an all-girl group who pretend to like each other but as soon as the album cover is shot, they go back to separate management and complain about when their solo career is going to take off.


Ivanka wants to be something political. Anything political. Despite being the daughter of the president, which she parlayed into full security clearance that allows her to sit in on high-level meetings and add her input despite not being elected, not actually holding an official position or having any expertise in the field of government, she’s made it clear that she has political aspirations and will probably find some way to run for office in the near future, assuming of course that her father doesn’t get us into a war with Canada.

She also prides herself as being the “Trump whisperer,” as she’s been called in some circles, which, if you have not vomited in your mouth just at the idea of Ivanka whisper into her father’s hairy-ass ear, means that she’s the moral compass of Trump’s presidency.


Melania, well that’s a whole other story. In short, Trump’s third wife never really wanted the first lady gig and was probably looking to leave her orange captor before he actually won the presidency. Now she has her dumb-ass “Be Best” campaign, which despite being grammatically incorrect, is really just a sham anti-bullying stunt to give her something to do. When she isn’t sticking pins into her Trumpy Bear and sleeping in the bedroom furthest away from her husband, she is basically recreating scenes from the 1984 cult classic, Romancing the Stone.

It would seem as if Ivanka and Melania would have no reason to be in competition with one another but you should never underestimate the level of pettiness between wealthy white woman as to who can be more demure and saintly.


In what might be the most bizarre story to come out of the White House, the objects of Trump’s obsessions are apparently having a “who can pose with a little black girl runoff” in which each Trumpstress seems to be trying to outdo the other in posing with a little black girl.

Here’s how The Cut explains it.

According to the New York Times, during Melania’s recent trip to Ghana as part of her tour of Africa, she held a baby in Accra. Fine. A photo of the incident moment was distributed to the press, and video of the meeting was posted to the first lady’s Instagram.


According to The Cut, “Just two days later, in a video posted to Ivanka’s Instagram, she high-fived a young black girl in North Carolina while she was visiting recovery sites following Hurricane Florence. The video was the closing scene of the video, where she talked with North Carolinians.”


It would seem that none of this would even be enough for a conversation in a normal administration but we all know that the Trumps don’t fuck with black babies except, apparently, when they have the opportunity as props.


This “nationalist” administration has made it clear through policy, staff, proposed bills and the president’s recent all-white Presidential Medal of Freedom list, that the last thing on their collective minds are children of color. Hell, over 200 children of color are still sitting in empty warehouses waiting to be reconnected with their loved ones. So make no mistake about it, this was absolutely a “Melania did what while she was in Ghana” moment in which Ivanka was trying to one-up her.

Here’ how The Cut explains Black Baby Gate:

Apparently this caused tension, for reasons not stated. John Kelly was tasked with talking to the teams of both women about the … overlap of black children photographed in official White House press materials and Instagram posts? Did Melania think that Ivanka was copying her? It’s very unclear.

Ivanka will also be making a trip to countries in Africa in January with Senator Lindsey Graham. She reportedly moved the dates of her trip so that it would not infringe on Melania’s trip. According to the Times, Ivanka may also do a network special while she is traveling.


Could this all be a lot of nothing? Maybe. But when it comes to this current administration which seems to know no level of horribleness, I think not. It seems the Trump women have decided to take the Deplorable One’s mantra and run with it. perhaps this could all be solved with a negro toddler Snapchat filter but until then...

They can’t be racist.

Some of their best photo props are black

Senior Editor @ The Root, boxes outside my weight class, when they go low, you go lower.

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