Black Army Vet Called N-Word Several Times at New York 'Back the Blue' Rally and Somehow She’s Surprised

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In today’s episode of Now, Sis, a Black Army veteran learned a valuable lesson after she showed up to a Back the Blue rally on Sunday in Wayne County, N.Y., and was met with an unexpected discovery—they racist AF up in there. Just as Black people discovered long ago that not all skin folk are kinfolk, this proud military vet found out the hard way that not all uniforms are unified—particularly, when that uniform is occupied by Black skin—after she was called a nigger several times at the rally.


13 WHAM reports that three-year Army veteran Tatyana Conner went to the rally to “support my brothers and sisters in arms” but “Instead, I was greeted with backlash and racism.” Conner recorded the incident where multiple rally-goers can be heard shouting the slur at her as they rode down the street on motorcycles.

“As I’m on the corner, I just hear the N-word being called out,” Conner told WHAM. “Someone told me to take a knee, and that’s the part where I was like, ‘Okay, these people really don’t care that I am out here to literally support what they are doing.’ Instead, they just saw me for the color of my skin.”

Listen: I really try to be nice to younger Black folk who act like they’re brand new to America. I don’t like to tear down my people just because they ain’t quite as woke as I wish they were. I won’t go all the way in on this woman, so this will be a light roast at best.

That being said: Negro, is you crazy?

The Black Lives Matter movement has been around for the better part of a decade now and we’re still having to explain to people that the “All Lives Matter” and the “Blue Lives Matter” movements only exist to counter the fight against racial injustice. Back the Blue is to BLM what the incel revolution is to the “Me too” movement, what white cronyism is to affirmative action, and what Ben Shapiro’s wife’s nether regions are to “WAP.” (I’m not sure if that last one actually fits the analogy, that’s just my dry humor. Almost as dry know, I’m just going to move on.)

Unfortunately, Conner appears to be a slow learner, because even after hitting up a pro-cop demonstration and finding herself on the business end of white nationalist bigotry, she still believes these opposing movements can coexist in harmony.

“It’s either you support All Live Matter, Police Lives Matter or you support Black Lives Matter. I support both,” she said. “It’s hard for people to understand. It’s sad. It really is.”


Nah, can’t support both.

When one side highlights systemic racism in policing while the other side is adamant that said systemic racism doesn’t exist; when one side wants police accountability and the other side wants to talk about “Black-on-Black crime” first; when one side wants to defund the police and the other side wants to keep them patrolling the streets dressed like G.I. Joe action figures strapped with military-grade weaponry—there simply is no supporting both sides.


Apparently, Conner isn’t the only one who suffers from this “we’re all one race, the human race” delusion.

From WHAM:

Rachel Kauka, a member of the group Concerned Citizens of Wayne County and one of the organizers for Black Lives Matter events in Wayne County, says the video was overwhelming and shocking to her.

“There were so many leaders that were also in that rally,” she said. “I know that, some of the leaders that we asked to come to one of our specific rallies in Palmyra, N.Y., they would not come but they were in support of the rally that happened [Sunday] and I think that a lot of negative things happened [Sunday]. So it kind of showed us where they stand and it kind of showed the division that Wayne County has, as well.”

James Schuler, another member of Concerned Citizens of Wayne County, says the video shows more work need to be done to unify the county.

“We have been doing a lot of great work but unfortunately we weren’t able to show that good work because the ugly side came out,” said Schuler.


I mean, this is just straight Bizzaro World shit.

I wish that just one of these cyborgs with built-in rose-colored glasses would ask themselves one question: If cops are in such dire need of our protection and support (because apparently, the blue wall, the multitude of pro-cop TV shows and the fact that crimes committed against police officers typically carry more severe penalties than that of civilians clearly aren’t enough) then why didn’t the Back the Blue movement exist before the Black Lives Matter movement became popular?


Anyway, I guess it’s all fine because the organizers of the rally apologized to Conner.

“They reached out and said, ‘I’m sorry, but we didn’t expect this to happen, and so I’m really sorry,’” she told WHAM. “I just really appreciate that.”


I’m sure you did, sis. I’m sure you did.

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The Thugnificent Pangaean

False equivalence BS with a young lady lady who is so open-minded her brains fell out:

If BLM is correct, then cops shouldn’t get away with murder of unarmed suspects, predominantly black.

If the Blue Lives Matters clowns are right, cops should get away with the murder of unarmed suspects, predominantly black.

That is literally the only pertinent examination of the police brutality movement/reform and the reptile-brained RW support of police brutality and unaccountable murder by cops.