Binders and Swagger: Debate-Reaction Roundup

Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images
Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

After President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney's town hall debate, there was plenty to say about message, delivery and the impact on the election (plus, of course, "binders full of women" and the return of the president's swagger). We've collected the responses of some of our favorite commentators. Here's what they took away from the evening:

A clear win for Obama: Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson says that the debate was "not a close call" and has three simple words for anyone who disagrees. "Please proceed, Governor."


No saving undecided "fools" now: If undecided voters haven't made up their minds after another "90-minute lie fest" by Mitt Romney and a strong performance by a firm and confident Obama, "there's no saving those fools," Michael Arceneaux writes at Ebony.

The swagger's back: BlackAmericaWeb's Michael H. Cottman reflects on the president's words and body language to conclude that he had a good night — and not a moment to soon.  


"Binders full of women" and more: Did you catch all that? Colorlines' Akiba Solomon breaks down some of Romney's most outrageous statements, including when he "touted a highly dysfunctional and limited form of affirmative action but didn't call it that."

Why Romney's losing the meme war: The GOP candidate's comments provided the fodder for plenty of jokes, but the Nation's Ari Melber says "his bigger problem is that on this issue, like so many others, Romney will say just about anything as long as it doesn't involve taking a firm position."

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