Bill O’Reilly Out at Fox News: Report

Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images
Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

The embattled dirtbag that is Bill O’Reilly has been relieved of his stirring-the-pot duties at Fox News, according to sources close to the situation. The Murdochs, who own the fake news Fox News station, decided that it was time to make the split from O’Reilly as sexual harassment allegations continued to mount against the outspoken host.

According to New York magazine, Rupert Murdoch wanted to keep O’Reilly on, while his son James and, later, his wife, Lachlan Murdoch, wanted the host gone. Looks like James and Lachlan won out.

Executives have already begun kicking around names to fill O’Reilly’s time slot, and the list reportedly includes Eric Bolling, Dana Perino and Tucker Carlson. One source said that Sean Hannity is happy at 10 p.m. and would not want to move, New York magazine reports. Either way, network executives hope to have a new host in O’Reilly’s seat by Monday.


The magazine reached out to spokespeople from Twenty-First Century Fox and Fox News, but they did not respond to requests for comment; nor did O’Reilly’s agent, Carole Cooper.

Read more at New York magazine.

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And to think it only took several documented cases of sexual harrassment, and several other, completely different, recently unearthed cases of sexual harrassment to finally do him in. He didn’t even get fired for alledged (totally did) beating his wife!