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It’s the resurgence of Uncle Joe!

If you woke up on Regular Wednesday, which is the official name for the day after Super Tuesday, you would’ve thought that the former vice president was in the bottom of the ninth with the bases loaded walking up to the plate needing a grand slam to win the game when the truth is, the primaries before Super Tuesday, with the exception of Nevada and South Carolina, were mad white.


All we learned from the primaries before Super Tuesday was that white people in Iowa and New Hampshire (along with Hispanics in Nevada) love Sen. Bernie Sanders more than they do Joe Biden but that didn’t mean shit because black people don’t really live there, which means that the backbone of the Democratic Party (black women) didn’t have a say. And when they did, Biden emerged as the Gayle King of nominees to Obama’s Oprah.

Biden didn’t rise from the ashes like a Phoenix, he held serve and proved that the Biden brand and his rabble-rousing, shit-talking, ready to take President Trump behind the bleachers and give him a good dose of knuckle sandwiches, is feeling right for right now. But kill it with these think pieces as if Biden was all but a goner until he landed on Super Tuesday with only his cross and a prayer because it’s disingenuous and it acts as if black voters don’t matter. We do. We always have. Which is why The Root Senior Writer Michael Harriot gets so annoyed that presidential candidates and debate moderators don’t speak to the plethora of issues facing black America when we clearly dictate a lot of what’s going on here.


Don’t get it twisted—Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders didn’t come to lay down and play dead. In fact, Sanders pulled the pot-smoking states, California and Colorado, and well, he also pulled his home state, Vermont, and Utah, which turns a blind eye to polygamy and all kinds of Twin Peaks white weirdness so there is that. But Sanders snagged two big states with a nice amount of delegates to prove that this is really a two-white-man race.

Evil billionaire Michael Bloomberg has officially ended what might have been the dumbest campaign in the history of campaigns. And not like other dummies haven’t run for president, but none of them have gone this far and blew this much money (Bloomberg literally wasted $500 million of his own money) trying to force himself into a conversation that didn’t include him. Bloomberg has officially endorsed Biden, which means that Biden will most likely will take American Samoa, the one place that Bloomberg won on Tuesday.

Biden has already taken to Twitter to thank Bloomberg for his endorsement:


So, to Sen. Elizabeth Warren I say this:

It’s time. And I know that’s hard to hear but now is as good a time as any to gracefully exit. I feel like the nurse that has to come in while Warren is looking over her campaign lying flat on the bed to tell her that there is nothing else that can be done here. You ran a good race, and in truth you had my vote. I loved all your plans. I thought you owned the debate stage. I thought you crushed Bloomberg back to baby status in his first debate but unfortunately, you suffer from what many African Americans suffer from: You aren’t a white man.


I know that’s tough to hear. But this year proved to be one of the most diverse Democratic presidential fields in the history of America and in the end, it’s come down to what America has always felt comfortable with and that’s white men. Don’t get mad at me, get mad at America. It’s the reason Hillary Clinton didn’t beat Trump. White women lied. Sure they all said they’d vote for Clinton when polled but when they got behind the curtain, they couldn’t do it. They just couldn’t betray the American legacy of propping up white men even when they don’t deserve it. You were my candidate, so it hurts to tell you this, but you didn’t even pull your home state. Now let me put my arm around your shoulder and walk you out of here so you don’t have to see us pull the plug that’s already been pulled.

Her campaign died during the pre-Super Tuesday primaries but no one wanted to tell her. It’s tough to watch someone give up their baby but this campaign isn’t even floundering anymore, it stopped moving.


So now we wait to see how this all plays out as Sanders isn’t even remotely out of it and Biden, depending on who you’ve read, is barreling down the highway in a Trans-Am listening to Welcome to the Jungle to save America.

Senior Editor @ The Root, boxes outside my weight class, when they go low, you go lower.

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