Beyoncé Dances Into Michelle's 'Let's Move!' Campaign

Beyoncé has teamed up with first lady Michelle Obama to promote the national Let's Move! campaign and its mission to fight childhood obesity. But she's not just speaking out — she's added a few dance moves, too.

The singer has created a Swizz Beats remixed version of her hit song Get Me Bodied to serve as the beat for what's being called the "Let's Move! Flash Workout" video. The chorus (and the message to kids): "Don't just stand there on the wall; everybody just move your body, move your body, move your body."


The video will be distributed to middle school students across the country, along with instructions on the several steps (called "missions" to match up with the lyrics of the original), to make learning process easy. Designed to be fun and up-to-date, it even includes a nod to the popular "Teach Me How to Dougie."

The Let's Move! campaign is in partnership with the National Middle School Association and the National Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation. "I am excited to become part of this effort that addresses a public health crisis," Beyoncé said in a statement last month. "First lady Michelle Obama deserves credit for tackling this issue directly, and I applaud the NAB Education Foundation for trying to make a positive difference in the lives of our schoolchildren."

Schools around the country will perform the prechoreographed dance moves during a broadcast on Tuesday, May 3 at 1:42 p.m. ET. Until then (or while you're waiting for Rush Limbaugh to attack Beyoncé’s weight the way he did the first lady's as soon as she got attention for combating obesity), learn the dance moves for "Let's Move! Flash Workout" and check out Beyoncé’s introduction:

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