Betsy DeVos Tries to Backpedal on Her HBCU Comments, but She’s Still a Dummy Who Doesn’t Care About Black People

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Alex Wong/Getty Images

Earlier this year, Education Secretary and super-rich white woman Betsy DeVos put her foot in her mouth when she said HBCUs were “real pioneers when it comes to school choice.” Because she has never had to worry about not having access to education, it was clear she didn’t understand that those early schools were, in fact, the only choices black people had.


Fast-forward six months, and in an interview with the Associated Press, DeVos said, “When I talked about it being a pioneer in choice, it was because I acknowledge that racism was rampant and there were no choices. These HBCUs provided choices for black students that they didn’t have.”

#WellActually, Betsy, if those were the only institutions they were able to attend, that’s still not much of a choice, is it?

DeVos doubled down on her bullshit by telling AP that she has spent her entire career campaigning on behalf of minority children.

“That’s where my heart has been for three decades, is to really empower and allow all families the same kind of opportunities I’ve had for my kids,” she told AP.


Is that why her department announced last week that it was going to scale back on civil rights investigations at the nation’s public schools and universities, including complaints about the way minority students are disproportionately disciplined in said public schools? Because she cares? So. Much?



DeVos’ lies revised comments come at a time when the Justice Department is actively seeking to undo affirmative action admissions at colleges and universities from the inside out with the allegation that such admissions violate the civil rights of white people.


This is what we get when a person who has never attended a public school in her life and never had to worry about the quality of the education she was getting—nor the cost of obtaining it—is put in charge of deciding policies for the millions of Americans who do.


She can try to revise her earlier comments all she wants, but Betsy DeVos is still a dumb white broad who doesn’t care about black people.

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DeVos doubled down on her bullshit by telling AP she has spent her entire career campaigning on behalf of minority children.

Well, actually she has. It’s called Charter schools and the kids are apart of the her campaign for her ultra rich friends to make money off of.