Betsy DeVos Tells Students Not to be Mean on Twitter. Student Responds: What About Your Boss?

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Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, also known as Sarah Palin’s play cousin, continues her “I just want to be loved tour” in which she attends events and tries to prove that she actually became the Education Secretary on merit and not because she’s the wife to a very wealthy man.


The cabinet position has always been a hobby for DeVos, who continues to prove the White House mantra: “If you really want to make the president look smart, surround him with really dumb people.”

On Monday, at a student town in the Hall National Constitution Center, DeVos warned a crowd of kids ranging from elementary to college-age students not to “be nasty” when messaging on Twitter. DeVos was there to “talk about the First Amendment as part of the Center’s annual Constitution Day, commemorating the 231st anniversary of the signing of the U.S. Constitution,” The Associated Press reports.

“It is easy to be nasty hiding behind screens and Twitter handles,” she said. “It’s not so easy face-t0-face.”


Thankfully, 21-year-old Kaileigh Murphy was in attendance to tell the uneducated education secretary that her message might be better served if she delivered it to the president considering he often logs into his presidential Twitter account to rail against his detractors, make up nicknames for Congress members who disagree with his policy and straight out bully others.

DeVos’ response to Murphy’s advice was really no response at all. DeVos noted, in almost a nonsensical manner that is befitting of her previous responses to straightforward statements, that “the separation that occurs between someone who puts something out on social media without really considering the receiving end of that communication doesn’t help with the overall discourse.”

People are best off, she said, when they can sit down and talk together. DeVos has an almost poetic way of sounding like a complete fucking idiot but we will move on because that what DeVos did after her word salad reply.


The Education Secretary, who appears to have trouble with listening and comprehension, also noted that free speech — another issue that the president seems to be stomping his muddy boots all over — was being threatened.

DeVos claimed that colleges were working to shield students from language they “subjectively decide are hateful or offensive.” Wait, so DeVos thinks that students should be able to handle divisive language like the words that inspired the white power march on Charlottesville, Va. and that it isn’t the college’s job to protect students from hate language?


I’m sure I’m reading this wrong because, after all, this is the education secretary. Surely she doesn’t mean this, does she?

DeVos went on to note that as a nation “we have abandoned truth,” and everything has become personal points of view—another point that she could’ve taken straight to the man who denies actual numbers like the size of his inauguration crowd, the number of electoral votes he received, the number of people who died in Puerto Rico or his poll numbers.


“Learning is about thinking, reasoned argument and discovering facts,” she said. “If there is no objective truth, then there is no real learning,” AP reports.

Basically, this entire speech should’ve been read to the president inside the Oval Office right before his nap time and after his applesauce and KFC smoothie.


Also, Betsy DeVos continues to prove that she’s an idiot.

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