Betsy DeVos Is a Stupid, Stupid Person

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Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is so out of her depth, it’s not even funny anymore; it’s embarrassing. And pretty much this is what everyone who didn’t vote for President Asshat expected.

On Monday, after Asshat met with leaders of HBCUs, DeVos, who is so pro-school choice that she damn near hates conventional public education, issued a statement calling HBCUs “real pioneers when it comes to school choice,” according to ABC News.


The statement is laughable considering that HBCUs were created because blacks weren’t allowed to freely attend public or private universities because, you know, racism and such.

But DeVos’ dumb ass believes that HBCUs were created as an alternative to public institutions. Sad! (Trump voice.)

ABC News notes that the Department of Education even clearly states on its website that HBCUs were established because “there was no structured higher education system for black students.”

“At a time when many schools barred their doors to black Americans, these colleges offered the best, and often the only, opportunity for a higher education,” the Department of Education website reads.


Of course Twitter went apeshit, and rightly so.


DeVos may want to spend more time studying up on the position gifted her by her friend and less time making statements that are uniformed, but truthfully, isn’t this just like Asshat’s administration? Just say random shit without any facts, history or truth behind it.

According to ABC News, Trump is expected to sign an executive order on HBCUs later Tuesday that will allow them to work with all the different executive agencies and “serve as a strategic partner to the president’s urban agenda.”


DeVos is delivering the keynote address Tuesday at an HBCU event at the Library of Congress.

Yeah, good luck with all that.

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