Best Black Celeb Mentors

John Legend (the Atlanta Post)

According to the Atlanta Post, "Within the black community, the need seems to be great, but so are some of the names that have answered this call to action."

It has pulled together a list of famous African-American celebrities who have answered the call by being awesome mentors, whether to their future spouses (Michelle Obama), underprivileged kids (Denzel Washington and Colin Powell) or pretty much every woman in America (Oprah).


The collection also highlights some under-the-radar leaders, like John Legend. His "Show Me" campaign is designed to shed light on educational programs that are working. And former Essence magazine editor-in-chief Susan Taylor is behind the National CARES Mentoring Movement, one of the fastest-growing coalitions in the country.

Now, if only they could mentor other celebrities, too. We've said it before and we'll say it again: There are a solid handful of crazy-tweeting, temper-tantrum-throwing stars who could use some serious guidance from people who've done a better job than they have managing fame and maintaining their sanity. We wonder whether Colin Powell would be willing to adjust the upper age limit for the America's Promise program …

Check out the full list at the Atlanta Post.

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