Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz Win Big in Wis.

Ralph Freso/Getty Images
Ralph Freso/Getty Images

Big night for the underdogs.

With 42 delegates at stake on the Republican side, Ted Cruz has snatched the state of Wisconsin from GOP front-runner Donald Trump, while Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has beat Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, also winning Wisconsin, according to projections by NBC.

With 34 percent of the precincts in as of the time of reporting, Cruz had a big lead over Trump, 52 percent to 30 percent. Cruz needed to beat Trump by a big margin—winning both the statewide vote and all of the state’s congressional districts—in order to take the lion's share of the state's delegates, making the 1,237 Trump needs to win the GOP nomination outright more elusive. 

Clinton, who was in New York campaigning Tuesday, wasn't expected to win Wisconsin, where Sanders is looking at a potential big lead over the former secretary of state. As of the time of this report, Sanders was ahead 53.4 percent to Clinton's 46.5 percent.


Sanders, who was in Wyoming during Tuesday's primary race, pointed to this win as further evidence of his campaign's strength.

"Momentum is that when you look at national polls, that when you look at statewide polls, we are beating Donald Trump at very significant numbers, and in almost every instance, in national polls and state polls, our margin over Trump is wider than Secretary Clinton," Sanders said.

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