Ben Carson Finance Chair Quits Amid Questions About Use of Campaign Funds

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Ben Carson's finance chair quit early Thursday in the wake of mounting questions about his use of campaign funds, as well as his high monthly salary, Politico reports


According to the report, Dean Parker recently began making $20,000 a month—unusual for a typically unpaid, honorary position, according to campaign experts—even as his team's high spending habits started to be questioned by top aides in the campaign.

The campaign announced Parker's resignation in a statement, according to The Hill

"It has been a great honor to serve alongside Dr. Carson as he seeks the office of president of the United States," Parker said in the statement. "While current allegations towards me are misrepresentations, my primary goal is to help Dr. Carson save our nation. I am excited about the growing momentum behind him and look forward to even greater days ahead."

At first, Politico reports, the bills for Parker's operations were not confronted as Carson became a poll favorite and the campaign's direct-mail operations raked in tens of millions of dollars. However, as the campaign began to waver late last year, with poll numbers going down, the operation came under scrutiny. 

The Hill notes that, according to a Wall Street Journal report, Carson's campaign spent more money in October than it raised. 

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