Behind Every Man Exclusive Clip: Jonnetta Patton Built Her Own Company to Manage Her Son Usher, Because Mama Knows Best

Behind Every Man Ep. 102 - Jonnetta Patton
Behind Every Man Ep. 102 - Jonnetta Patton
Screenshot: Courtesy of OWN

If you were raised by a Black mama, you know a Black mama’s intuition is undefeated.


That is certainly the case for Jonnetta Patton, the mother of R&B and Pop sensation Usher Raymond. Patton is one of the focal points of the upcoming OWN series, Behind Every Man, which is dedicated to “the women behind some of the world’s most accomplished and recognizable men.”

From the episode synopsis via OWN’s press release sent to The Root:

Usher Raymond is a multi-platinum R&B artist who has sold more than 100 million records worldwide. The manager who helped him rise to the top was his mother, Jonnetta Patton. From childhood to where her entrepreneurial spirit has taken her today, this is her story.

In an exclusive clip provided to The Root, Patton talks about the start of her management company, JPat Management.

Jonnetta Patton Took Matters Into Her Own Hands / OWN (YouTube)

In the clip, Patton speaks on the commonly held thought that managers who are also the mothers of the talent (also known as “momagers”) are hindered in their positions because they are too “connected” to the talent as their parent.

“With the record company, I’m just not trusting them at all,” Patton says. “They still don’t want me involved because they feel like mothers are too connected and they cannot separate. I knew how to separate, but with them, I see deception over here, deception over I pray to God and I said, ‘If you allow me to get through this, I’m going to buy my own building.”

And that she did, 25 years ago. Patton owns a building that includes a recording studio, dance studio, wardrobe room, and office space.


“Now, I’m not going to call you on the phone and ask you where are we going to rehearse, I’m going to tell you where we’re going to rehearse...and then you’ll have to pay me.”

I hear that, mama!

Behind Every Man premieres Saturday, Nov. 7 at 10 p.m. ET on OWN.

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