Clutch magazine's Danielle C. Belton challenges the thinking of black women who want to date "a white guy" versus a guy who just happens to be white.

A while back a friend of mine suddenly announced that she was going to start dating white guys — which, you know? Sounds dandy. Sure. Go forth and be down with the swirl. But (and there was a but) I was skeptical of whether or not she could pull it off.

It isn't that my friend isn't smart, beautiful, funny, charming, and a great cook. She's all those things and a bag of sea salt-flavored chips. What man, regardless of race, wouldn't find her attractive? But I felt my friend was overlooking a big issue that would be the difference between date night disaster and romantic success.

"Have you ever had a white female friend?" I asked.

"I don't really get down with white girls like that," she said.

What followed was a brief rant about how annoying white people could be, particularly white women. So I then said, "You can't date a white guy."


Read Danielle C. Belton's entire piece at Clutch magazine.

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