Cam Newton; former New York Knick Walt “Clyde” Frazier 
Twitter; Brad Barket/Getty Images

Tight. Zebra. Pants.

By now you’ve heard of them—laughed at a few memes, or perhaps created a few memes of your own. But whether or not you’re fond of the fitted, ankle-length, zebra-print Versace pants, which Cam Newton placed into infamy, you’ve got to admit that the black-and-gold britches made a lot of noise.

And no, we are not suggesting that Newton’s pants are loud. OK, OK. We are.

Cam Newton is something of an athlete-turned-sartorial star, but before Cam, there were generations of flamboyantly dressed pro athletes: Artis Gilmore, Darryl Dawkins and Russell Westbrook, to name a few—and, lest we forget, the don, New York Knick-turned-loquacious broadcaster, Walt “Clyde” Frazier.

Clyde has been stunting on ’em for decades. From his wide-brimmed hats and gold medallions of the 1970s to over-the-top animal-print suits paired with murses (man purses) of today, the NBA champ was, and is, a showstopper.


Here are some of the more contemporary looks of the legendary Knicks point guard, accompanied by our interpretation of Clyde’s guide to fashion.

1. Tie must match pocket square. Always.


2. And we mean always.

3. Take an opportunity to pay homage to our troops.


4. Big. Rings. Popping. 

5. Never judge a person’s look until you walk a mile in his stylist’s boots.  


6. A stylish man should be accompanied by an equally stylish woman. 

7. Murses on fleek. 


8. Live on the fringe of life.