Because God Is Good All the Time, a Senate Seat Isn't the Only Thing That Kelly Loeffler Is About to Lose

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In case you haven’t heard, America is throwing a party today.

There’ll be a generous assortment of entertainment and live performances, an eclectic group of guests, Black-ass marching bands, and an open bar that will put your auntie’s glove compartment to shame.


But while booting that bright orange bitch out of the White House is just cause for celebration, there’s apparently another racist-ass menace to society that will be evacuating their own premises as well.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that fresh off of getting her ass kicked in the Georgia Senate runoffs, former senator Kelly Loeffler will no longer be co-owner of the WNBA’s Atlanta Dream. Or as a WNBA spokesperson so eloquently explained to the Journal-Constitution:

“As it relates to the Atlanta Dream, we understand a sale of the franchise is close to being finalized. Once the sale negotiation is concluded, additional information will be provided.”

Earlier this month, LeBron James expressed interest in putting together an ownership group to purchase the team from Loeffler, who outright refused to relinquish her stake in the team on several occasions. But apparently, she’s had a change of heart—losing a Senate seat is a humbling experience, I would imagine—though the question remains if LeBron has any involvement in the sale.


The true heroines in all of this are the same women who have time and time again showed up to show out and are consistently very much about that action: the WNBA.


As we reported here at The Root, in the immediate aftermath of Loeffler’s assault on Black Lives Matter in July and her insistence that sports and politics shouldn’t intersect, her own players declared war against her and openly campaigned for her opponent in the Georgia Senate runoffs, Raphael Warnock, with tangible results:

[T]he Warnock campaign saw a 10 percent increase in daily donations over its previous daily averages, for an additional $25,000 in the 48 hours following the league and players’ criticism of Loeffler. Similarly, after the WNBA’s T-shirt campaign, Warnock’s campaign brought in 20 percent more than what the campaign had been getting in previous days, for a boost of $40,000 in the 48-hour window.


Oh, and Warnock won, too. What a time to be alive.

Let us hope and pray that whoever purchases the Dream embraces the progressive ideologies of the WNBA and commits to transforming the team into a championship contender.

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