Be a Hero for Hire and Help The Root Make Kinja Better

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Editor’s note: Thank you to everyone who participated; we got enough volunteers. Also, apologies to our non-18-to-35 readers! The firm conducting the survey was specifically interested in that age group, but that doesn’t mean if you’re over 35 we don’t love you. We love you! We read all your comments, and we all totally go together now, so no worries!

Howdy, my friendly neighborhood readers! What’s up? How you doing? Are you good? Enjoying The Root? Not enjoying The Root? Well, this is your chance to be a hero and tell me all about it, because I, your editor-in-chief at The Root, am hipping you to this hot new survey about to hit the streets about our publishing platform—Kinja!

For you longtime Kinja Turtles, you know that Kinja is what we use to publish our stories, maintain our site and host your comments here across the Gizmodo Media Group family of sites, of which The Root is a proud member. But being the forward-thinking blogs we are, GMG wants to make sure Kinja is an even better experience for our readers.


That’s where you come in!

Are you between the ages of 18 and 35? If so, you qualify to swoop in and play “Captain Save-a-Kinja” by volunteering for a 90-minute, paid research study, during which experts will chat with you about Kinja either remotely or in person. And, for your much-needed assistance, participants will receive a $50 Visa gift card for their efforts! Sweet!

So, please follow this link, tell us a little bit about yourself and fill it out, and we’ll do the rest.

Since we know our readers are the best, we’re just going to go ahead and thank you in advance for doing your part to make sure The Root stays steeped in #BlackExcellence.

Editor-in-Chief of The Root. Nerd. AKA "The Black Snob."

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Are you between the ages of 18 and 35

What in The Entirety of Fu-Schnickens?

Why not older?

You know what, keep the survey and your money, I gots nothing to prove