Former NFL running back Barry Sanders

In her ESPN column, Jemele Hill writes that she drew fire for a recent piece that called Ndamukong Suh the Detroit Lion's best draft pick ever. Better even than Barry Sanders. She clarifies her point, saying that she never called Suh a better player. 

Most of us are familiar with the old adage about not being able to go home again, but after writing this column a few weeks ago, I wondered if it really might be true in my case.


I was born and raised in Detroit, went to Mumford High School — Eddie Murphy wore our T-shirt in "Beverly Hills Cop" — and also attended Michigan State. I wrongly assumed my deep Michigan roots would make me exempt from forced exile. But after I wrote that I thought Ndamukong Suh was a better draft pick than Barry Sanders, my boisterous readers showed little mercy for a native sister.

Joseph from Westfield, Pa., wrote: "What were you thinking, putting up one of the best football players in history of the NFL in Barry Sanders against a second-year player who has done nothing next year?"

Whoever approved that column is insane! (Wait, who's editing this mailbag again?)

Read Jemele Hill's entire column at ESPN.