Barry Bonds and his former mistress Kimberly Bell (San Francisco Sentinel) is reporting that baseball legend Barry Bonds' former mistress of nine years, Kimberly Bell, testified against him yesterday. Bell testified that the greatest hitter of his era told her he had used steroids because of an elbow injury.

Under questioning from Assistant U.S. Attorney Jeffrey D. Nedrow, Bell said Bonds told her "he didn't shoot it up every day like bodybuilders did." She said he only told her about his steroid use, and she never pressed him about it, because he told her it was common in baseball.

She also discussed how Bonds became verbally abusive and said that his physique changed, offering a lurid description of his shrinking testicles, declining sexual performance, back acne and scalp hair that fell out. Bell, who met Bonds in 1994, testified that from 1999 to 2001, "he was just increasingly aggressive, irritable, agitated, very impatient." She also said he threatened "to cut my head off and leave me in a ditch, more than once," and said Bonds said "he would cut out my breast implants because he paid for them." She says he also threatened to burn down a house in Arizona that he had bought for her.

Bell, who is writing a book about Bonds, was hammered by the defense for being a gold digger, a scorned ex-lover, a liar and the instigator of a mortgage fraud scheme. Defense lawyer Cristina Arguedas brought up an interview that Bell gave Playboy and a TV appearance with Geraldo Rivera during which she disparaged Bonds.

Wow. Bell told all the tawdry details about Bonds. Now, whether she told the truth or not is another matter. Anyone engaged in a nine-year affair — which involves copious amounts of lying, not to mention blatant disrespect for the institution of marriage and those in it — is questionable at best. We suspect that two alleged liars like Bonds and Bell would work well together, at least until the fallout. Hope she was worth it.



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