Dear Transition Team,

Okay, so you haven't granted The Root an interview yet, but we're willing yo wait our turn if you sit down with Damon Weaver, a 10-year-old student reporter at Canal Point Elementary in Palm Beach, Fla., who is coming to Washington for the inauguration.

Yes, he's only in the fifth grade, but this guy's got talent. And he has the smile of a future president! He's interviewed Shawn Marion and Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat, Suzanne Malveaux, Caroline Kennedy and even Vice President-elect Joe Biden. He's been a guest on CNN's American Morning and NPR's All Things Considered. Comedy Central picked him over David Gregory to host Meet The Press .

The kid's got mad skills.. What's the holdup? You know, Florida's going to be important to you four years from now.

Let Damon Weaver interview President-elect Barack Obama.


The Root