In his column at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Eugene Kane says it's no wonder that masses have been protesting against corporate greed on Wall Street after hearing that some banks plan to charge fees for debit cards and require higher minimum balances on checking accounts. After all, he says, they were financially rescued by taxpayers. Kane says that the movement will only grow stronger.

… After all, didn't the banking industry receive something like $700 billion in taxpayer money in a bailout just a few years ago?


And now they want to charge me for using my debit card at Starbucks?

No wonder masses of people have been protesting against corporate greed on Wall Street in New York City. 


The protests were largely ignored by media until 700 people were arrested in a clash with police last week. Suddenly, the protests have been acknowledged as a growing movement that may reach Milwaukee soon.

Local organizer Khalil Coleman has been planning similar events in Milwaukee to raise awareness of the issues that drive the Wall Street protests. Coleman, 25, is a spokesman for Occupy Milwaukee, an outgrowth of the Occupy Wall Street protests.

He said the movement is a campaign against corporate greed, which he said is of particular importance for young people and minorities.

Read Eugene Kane's entire column at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

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