Baltimore Police Investigating Arrest of Teen Snatched Out of Home After Video Goes Viral

Stephen A. Crockett Jr.
Baltimore police are investigating an incident in which a teen was pulled from his home and arrested April 16, 2016. This screenshot shows the moment before additional cops arrived on the scene and arrested 18-year-old Tionne Jones.

Baltimore police are investigating the arrest of an 18-year-old who was pulled out of his home in an encounter that was captured on video and posted online.

The video posted to social media shows Tionne Jones inside his home Saturday. He and two other occupants are arguing with an officer who has placed his hands inside the doorway of the home. The officer demands to speak with the homeowner, who Jones and the other men say is not home. They also tell the officer that he cannot come into the house without a search warrant. Another officer arrives and within seconds appears to yank Jones out of his house and onto the ground outside. He is wrestled to the ground and arrested.

Police spokesman T.J. Smith told the Baltimore Sun that an executive team determined that charges filed against Jones weren’t appropriate.

Smith added that police had received complaints about the house, including those of “possible drug activity.” However, no drug charges have been filed, the Sun reports.

Warning: Some of the language in the video below is NSFW. 

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