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Following FBI and IRS raids on her two homes, City Hall and the offices of some of her allies Thursday, Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh is said to be in poor health and not “lucid” enough to make a decision as to whether or not she will resign from office amid a financial scandal and controversy surrounding her self-published children’s books.

Steve Silverman, an attorney representing Pugh, told the Baltimore Sun that it is possible Pugh will make a decision next week.


“She is leaning toward making the best decision in the best interest in the citizens of Baltimore City,” Silverman said.

Silverman said the mayor was disappointed at the prospect of resigning and that “her biggest regret is that some of these programs, she will not be able to ensure they are implemented and can see themselves through.”

Pugh, who announced on April 1 that she would be taking an extended leave of absence in order to recover from a bout of pneumonia, was at her home during Thursday’s raid.

Her attorney told the Sun that the controversy has made her recovery that much more difficult. She is now said to be suffering from bronchitis in addition to pneumonia, but on Thursday she did discuss the option of stepping down with her attorneys.


Meanwhile, the Baltimore City Council, Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, the Greater Baltimore Committee, and two members of Congress from Baltimore—Reps. Elijah Cummings and C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger—have all called for Pugh to step down in the best interest of the people and the city of Baltimore.

The Sun reports that Rep. Cummings said “no one questions Mayor Pugh’s passion for Baltimore City and its citizens. At the same time, the circumstances now require that she also provide an example of accountability for those same people.”


Rep. Ruppersberger said in a statement that Baltimore “deserves a leader who can focus 100 percent on the city. I believe Mayor Pugh’s love and passion for the city are genuine and I urge her to take the actions that are in its best interests and not hers.”

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