Auntie Unfiltered Talks Politics With Zerlina Maxwell

America finally ended her abusive-ass relationship with Donald Trump—who, if you look back on all my writings about him, I never referred to as “president”—and I couldn’t be more grateful.

While I am sure there are some people who think the coast is clear now that Biden is in office, that couldn’t be further from the truth.


This country is still inherently racist, and it lives inside a house of cards built on the shaky foundation of institutional racism and white supremacy. There is as much to be undone as there is work that needs getting done. We have to use our collective efforts and voices to rip at the seams and tear apart that which no longer serves us.

You may be asking “How do we do that?” or “What can I do?”

If you ask Zerlina Maxwell, she will tell you that the answer is to get politically involved and politically engaged.


Being politically involved doesn’t just mean voting. Maxwell says.

“A lot of folks are like ‘I want to get involved,’ so they become activists, and that’s great, however, you can do more than that,” she told me.

“You can run for office. You can volunteer on a campaign. You can elect people, or elect activists, like with Cori Bush, for example, and you can change and shape the world around you and the policies that way.”

Maxwell said that there is room for everyone on a campaign, whether it’s doing social media or writing campaign materials or doing IT types of jobs—literally every skill you have can be applied toward a political campaign in some sort of way, and that is a means of getting involved that goes beyond casting your ballot.


Zerlina dropped a lot of gems during our conversation, so watch the video to hear this sharp sister’s insights on everything political.

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