Auntie Unfiltered Pictures the Possibilities With Danielle Young

Losing your job is not the end of the world, nor should it be.

As devastating as it can be at times, especially during a pandemic, it can also be the push we need to finally get that personal project off the ground. It can be the sign that we need to finally work on building our own dream instead of continuing to work to build someone else’s.


In March 2020, Danielle Young—a former video and social content producer for The Root—found herself in that position. Nearly two years after leaving The Root to join the staff at Essence, she found herself fired and not sure what she was going to do next. Then she did something that is almost revolutionary.

She believed in herself.

Since launching her own ventures, she has gotten three different video series off the ground, she’s received not one but TWO Ivy Park boxes from Beyonce, and everyone who is anyone wants to be interviewed by her now.


This week, Danielle sat down with me to discuss what happened after she got fired, and the steps she took to begin building her media empire. She speaks on the things she is doing to sustain it, and the beauty of reaping the benefits of building and doing for yourself.

Danielle is “believe in yourself” goals, and here is the story of how she did it. Her personal success on social media with her various shows and the increasing prominence of her personal brand are all by design—Danielle did the work.

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