Auntie Unfiltered: Friendship, Favors, and Why Molly And Issa Are Trash

Have you been watching this season of Insecure? If you haven’t but you plan to, stop right here, because I am about to spoil it for you.

If you don’t care, then keep reading.

This week on Auntie Unfiltered, I discuss friendship—specifically communication in friendships.


If your friendships (or any other relationship for that matter) don’t have open and honest communication, they will never work. Communication is the foundation upon which all levels of intimacy are built. If you can’t say it, you certainly can’t have it or do it or make it happen–because how will anyone know?

This season on Insecure, Molly and Issa’s friendship is falling apart, and having watched this show from the beginning, I can tell you with confidence that their biggest problem is communication.


They don’t communicate with each other. They don’t communicate with other people. Hell, Molly is working on having a whole-ass relationship with Andrew, but we’ve already seen that she is afraid to communicate certain things to him.

This is a problem, but your auntie is here to talk about it.

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Check out the video, and I’ll see y’all next week.

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