Auntie Unfiltered Discusses Securing the Bag With Kandi Burruss

Kandi Burruss has been in the game a long time. She has had success as a member of the group Xscape; as a songwriter who has penned such eternal classics as “Bills, Bills, Bills” for Destiny’s Child and the girl anthem “No Scrubs” for TLC; as a member of the fan-favorite Real Housewives of Atlanta franchise; as the owner of the successful sex toy line Bedroom Kandi, and as an all around boss who is always looking for an opportunity to make more money.

Kandi stopped by Auntie Unfiltered to chat it up and let us know about some of her upcoming projects and things already in the works. She joined the Showtime series The Chi in its third season as Roselyn Perry, the wife of Otis “Douda” Perry. The series returns for its fourth season on May 23, and Burruss says that despite what people may think, she actually had to audition for the role. She is interested in doing more acting, and to that end, she also recently appeared in the Lifetime movie Envy, alongside Serayah, Da Brat, DC Young Fly and Clifton Powell.


Kandi understands what it takes to build success for herself, and she makes it happen on a daily basis. She has endured years of people commenting on her personal life and relationships, having been repeatedly referred to as a “Sugar Mama” with reference to her dating men who may not have achieved as much mainstream success as her, but Kandi has learned to pay it all dust and keep pushing.

“Realistically, it’s a lot of women out here that’s getting money, and it’s like to me, I feel like any time you are doing well for yourself and you are a woman, they always gotta make it seem like the only reason why people date you is because you are doing well for yourself, or the only reason you have these friends is because you are doing well for yourself,” she said.


“They always try to come up with something negative to say if you are doing well for yourself,” she added. “And so it’s like you just gotta get to a point at some point where you’re just kinda like ‘you know what, talk to you’re blue in the face,’ because the main thing is, the part that you did get right is—I’m doing well for my mutha fuckin’ self.”

Auntie Unfiltered felt that, OK?

Real Housewives of Atlanta just finished its 13th season, and you can catch Kandi and the rest of the members of Xscape as they go up against SWV in a Verzuz challenge on Saturday, May 8.

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