Auntie Unfiltered Chats With the Ladies of En Vogue

I am about to date myself with this one.

in 1990, I was living in the dorms on the campus of San Jose State University when one of the girls on my floor produced a tape of some sisters singing the types of harmonies that make you grab your hairbrush, stand in the mirror and belt out their songs as you silently wished you too were a member of that group.


“Hold On” was our fucking jam, bitch, and we wore the whole floor out with it. We would set up the boombox in the bathroom while we took our showers, and we played it back-to-back so much the RA told us that other people had complained.

We didn’t care; we kept playing it, because baby? These ladies were born to sing. Yes, you see what I did there.


En Vogue blasted on the scene with that first single, and they have had our attention ever since. Their voices have graced soundtracks, given us anthems, and made us want to be funky divas all at the same time.

I recently had the opportunity to speak with the ladies, who will be celebrated with the Urban Music Icon award at the 2020 Black Music Honors, which will air Nov. 21 through Dec. 13 in national syndication (check your local listings), as well as on Bounce TV Saturday, Nov. 21 at noon ET.

We had a great time discussing their music and legacy, and we played Black Ass Game! Find out what they like on their grits, whether or not they use Lawry’s seasoned salt, whether they play dominoes or spades, which joker they think is the big joker, and much more in this fun-filled episode of Auntie Unfiltered.

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YES! I went down an internet rabbit hole with En Vogue not two weeks ago after.... I don’t even remember why.

I’ll date myself here too; I had the Born to Sing tape (!) that I ordered from Columbia House (!) when I was a high school freshman. I loved the videos for “Hold On” and later “Giving Him Something He Can Feel” especially... beautiful ladies, great songs that still hold up. And here in the Bay they were local girls who made it big huge!