Auntie Unfiltered: Black People Can’t Save You; We Tryna Save Ourselves

Attention white people:

It is not up to black people to educate you and help you understand racism. It is not up to black people to tell you what you need to say to your white racist friends. It is not up to black people to undo racism. It is not up to black people to undo white privilege. It is not up to black people to hold your hand while we are trying to save ourselves.


The revolution is happening. It is on your city streets and television screens every day. Black people are tired. We are fed up. We are sick of being tired. Being black in America is exhausting, because AmeriKKKa gaslights black people on a daily basis.

Please do not add to the insult that is existing in a space of white supremacy as a black person by bringing your white self over and asking for absolution and validation and a pat on the head for being a “good white.”


Read the room, white people. Read the room.

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Fight the power. Fuck the police.



Auntiiiiiieeeeeee, you gave them a word them. Yes. Yes. Yes. My husband coworker texted him and other black folks she knows asking for help and shit with her bias etc. We laughed our ass off. He didn’t respond. Because in 2016 when he was trying to tell her what the problem was and what was gonna come from it. She had all the excuses. NOW, she wants to understand. Nope, figure that shit out. They don’t pay him to educate white folks on their BS. Then she started avoiding him at work. Smh. Really... I guess she felt some type of way because he didnt respond. So she reacts with white frailty. Lol. Lol. Lol. She can stay mad.

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