Auntie Unfiltered and Toccara Jones Celebrate the Big-Bodied Girls

“Titties are supposed to hang.”

So sayeth the queen, Toccara Jones, the buxom beauty who wowed us in the third season of the popular America’s Next Top Model reality show. Toccara did not let being outside of the idealized “norm” when it comes to the world of fashion models stop her. Although she didn’t win the competition, her confidence, her fierceness and her beauty left an impact and carved a trail for her to move on to big things after the show.


The first plus-sized model to be in Italian Vogue, she acknowledges that there were many who came before her, but because she came on the scene at the advent of reality TV, a lot of people got to see her face, and she has been blessed to carry the torch and “keep the flames going.”

She is now hosting her own show for Facebook Watch. Produced by the Shade Room, it is a plus-size model competition with women competing to be the “No. 1 thickie” as she put it.


“Honey, it is fabulous, and it’s about time,” Toccara told Auntie Unfiltered.

Thick House is strictly for plus-size models, and Toccara says it’s very important.

“I am so happy to be a part of this because now we have a competition where we have all different shapes and sizes of plus-size models.”

What exactly is a plus-size model, you ask?

“When you come from the modeling industry, their models are [sizes] 2 and 4, maybe a 6 or even a 0,” Toccara explained. “So when you go from a 0, 2, 4 to a 10, 12, 14, then that’s considered plus-sized.”


“But in our community—in the Black community, we’re like ‘nah, she’s just regular; she’s just thick; she just look good.’ That’s what we call good,” she added.

“Women who are over the size 14 or 16, we are the consumers,” she told Auntie Unfiltered. “So we should have so much more—we should have so many more options for our apparel and for our fashion than what we do, We’re thankful for what we have...we should be shown in our own light.”


Well, it would appear that the fabulous Ms Jones and taking that light and shining it on others as a way of paying it forward and holding the door open for those who come behind her.

Thick House premieres on Facebook Watch Sunday, May 16.

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