Auntie Unfiltered: Ageism Is Bullshit

Happy birthday to me!

It’s my 49th birthday today (I know, I know. Hold your applause.), and I couldn’t think of a better occasion to discuss the topic of ageism.


Ageism is everywhere. We live in a culture that is obsessed with youth and looking young, as if the natural process of aging—a process that everyone goes through—is something to be ashamed of.

Products are specifically marketed and targeted at women over 40 to make us feel bad about our skin, laugh lines, “crow’s feet” and any other physical changes to our face, skin and bodies.


In the workplace, we can at times be treated as relics, as if we don’t have anything of value to add to the conversation.

People would have you think we have outlived our usefulness. Well, I have news for you: We haven’t.

Women over 40 are here. We are loud. We are proud. We are doing more and accepting less bullshit in our lives.

We know our value and our worth, and we aren’t accepting anything less, and why should we?


We aren’t new to this; we are true to this.

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Monique, you live in the Valley? Well damn, I used to live out in Glendale and worked at SRP for 13 years! Small world! Small world!

Yeah, about the ageism. I’m at that point in my life where I don’t like telling folk how old I am because I know all too well how weird youngsters get around “old” people. Some of them treat us like The Walking Dead and you have some who think that we don’t know what we’re doing because we were born before the Internet. Pop Culture doesn’t help with their depictions of older folk and, hell, some of our older folk have bought into the notion that after a certain point, you should stop learning, stop trying new things, stop doing anything.

It’s fucked up and annoying. Just because you’re younger doesn’t mean you’re better, remember that, kids.  You young motherfuckers, you. I’ve been where you trying to go, you’d be better off if you had a guide to help you along the way.  I’m better than GPS while you bullshittin’.