Rush Limbaugh has decided to join the fray in disrespecting the president of the United States. On Tuesday, during his radio talk show, the portly host called President Obama a jackass because of the debt-ceiling agreement.

The Huffington Post reports that Limbaugh made the comments while replaying the speech that Obama delivered about the debt ceiling earlier that day. In response to Obama's call for "a balanced approach" to cutting the deficit, Limbaugh exclaimed, "Jackass!" He immediately added, "Balance my ass."


Limbaugh also suggested that Obama had "extra flour in his hair today" when Obama asked for the cooperation of both parties on a larger plan to cut the deficit. He was echoing a reference he'd made last week in which he alleged that Obama put flour in his hair to make it merely look gray.

Limbaugh answered, "Get a husband!" when Obama asked in his speech, "What are we gonna do for the single mom who's seen her hours cut back at the hospital?"


Is that Color of Change we hear gearing up to take down Limbaugh in the way they took down Glenn Beck? We hope so, because this guy is out of control and lacks respect for anyone, including himself, let alone the president.

Get a husband? How about get a life, because anyone who flies off the handle and resorts to this type of rhetoric can't have much of one. Limbaugh is a bully who clearly wasn't checked as a child. Or maybe some black kid kicked his butt, because his hate for Obama seems rather personal. Name-calling? Accusations? Can you say "meltdown"? Get Limbaugh a permanent vacation. He clearly needs it.

Read more at the Huffington Post.

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