An ex-lover says DSK is a "physical" lover. (Getty)
An ex-lover says DSK is a "physical" lover. (Getty)

In the never-ending saga over ex-IMF Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn's alleged rape of a West African maid, an ex-lover has come forward to offer "details" of her sex life with DSK. According a West African woman who goes by the name of Marie-Victorine M, DSK was a "physical" lover who never forced her to do anything against her will. Although she refused to answer some questions about rumors concerning her relationship with DSK, she felt comfortable speculating about the incident with Nafissatou Diallo, the West African maid who accused DSK of rape in New York City.


Marie-Victorine says that some of the details about the alleged attack would lead her to believe how someone could think they were being attacked. Based on her knowledge of DSK as a "physical" lover, she knows that in his heart, he truly wouldn't think it was rape.

What? We're really tired of women coming forward after Nafissatou Diallo's accusations of rape. What are Marie-Victorine's motives? Is she supposed to be able to validate that he is super attracted to West African women, or that his "physical" approach to sex could be misconstrued as rape? That sounds about as ridiculous as saying that a West African maid can't be raped by a powerful man because of her shady past. Anyone can be raped, including prostitutes, so what's her point?

My point is that the lengths people will go to explain DSK's reputation as a "seducer" — code for possible rapist — while failing to explain why an "innocent" man would flee to France on a plane is sickening.

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In other news: Black Don't Crack.

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