Atlanta Man Robbed and Sexually Assaulted After Being Set Up by Woman He Met on Snapchat

Jasmine’s Snapchat pictures

A woman named "Jasmine" allegedly robbed an Atlanta man she met on Snapchat, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Jasmine showed up at the victim's home with another woman, and the victim let her in because the other woman claimed that she needed to use the bathroom.


Apparently, what followed is that Jasmine opened the door for two men who had guns. The victim was hit in the face by one man, who forced him into his room and sexually assaulted him. The suspect then demanded money, which the victim told him was in the car and gave him the keys.

According to AJC, the suspects trashed the victim's house until someone yelled "police" and they ran out. The victim grabbed his gun and tried to fire at them, but they were able to get away.

Police are currently looking for Jasmine and the other three suspects. The victim was able to give them a picture of Jasmine through a screenshot he took on Snapchat.


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