Atlanta Man Gunned Down After Joking About Voting for Trump

Mitchell Mormon Jr.
Mitchell Mormon Jr.

Mitchell Mormon Jr., 32, was outside the Church Bar in Atlanta on a first date Saturday when he got into an argument with another man and was eventually gunned down after jokingly saying that he voted for Donald Trump in the presidential election, the New York Post reports.

Shaunita Walker, 25, the woman Mormon was on a date with, said that the alleged shooter said something disrespectful to her, which angered Mormon and started the argument.

Police who responded to the incident said that they found both Walker and Mormon shot. They were taken to Grady Hospital, where Mormon later died. Walker is recovering after being shot in the arm.


According to the Post, the alleged shooter, a Hispanic man wearing a white coat, went around the corner during the argument, returned with a gun and proceeded to open fire.

"Please, if anybody know anything, please, this was so senseless," said Walker. "This was so horrible."

Walker said that she does not think Mormon's Trump comment played a role in the shooting, adding that the gunman wanted to cause trouble from the start. Police are currently looking for the suspect and seeking any information regarding the shooting.

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