Atlanta Housewives' Star Sheree Whitfield's Luxury Vehicle Seized

Sheree Whitfield
Sheree Whitfield

Sheree Whitfield, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star, is reaping the seeds that were sewn from her continued reckless spending. Whitfield's $200,000 Aston Martin was seized by her former divorce lawyers, who sued her and won for nonpayment. Allegedly, the reality star and "clothes designer" tallied up more than $110,000 in legal fees. She failed to pay her legal bills, so the law firm went after her new car last weekend. The sheriff's office seized the five-month-old vehicle as payment. How are you going to buy a $200,000 car and not pay for your divorce? Whitfield, who was involved in a nasty divorce from ex-Bob Whitfield, a football pro-turned-sports analyst, appealed a settlement last year that included a division of the marital property, totaling more than $1.1 million; a lump sum of $775,000; and an annual $113,422 from her ex's retirement funds and $2,142.87 in monthly child support. The settlement did not include spousal support. Last year Whitfield and the couple's two children were evicted from their $2.6 million home in Sandy Springs, Ga., which is located 20 minutes outside Atlanta. We're not sure why Ms. Whitfield can't figure out how to live on that kind of money — outside of Atlanta, of all places. Perhaps she should step out of the "reality" world and into the real one and get a job.

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