This video is great for several reasons.

First, anytime black anchors get to go in on the kind of incessant racism they face in the comments section of local outlets, I’m all here for it.


Second, Reed did her monologue staring down into the camera while her co-anchors kind of hovered around in the background; it was a news-anchor clapback filmed like a Hype Williams video.

Finally, the entire video saves tons of people from writing unnecessary think pieces. Don’t waste your time trying to say that the Atlanta mayoral election wasn’t about race. It definitely was for most white Democratic voters, not to mention white conservatives and Republicans, too.


In fact, let’s just agree that if anyone is so angry about a mayoral election that they have to email racial epithets to the first black person they see on television, race—not traffic, not schools, nor the rising price of parking tickets in downtown—was the biggest motivation behind their vote.