At Abortion Doctor's Trial, Worker Admits to Snipping Babies' Spines

Kermit Gosnell (YouTube)

Kermit Gosnell, an abortion doctor who catered primarily to minority-group members, immigrants and poor women at the Philadelphia Women's Medical Society, went on trial Monday on eight counts of murder.

He's facing charges in the deaths of a patient and seven babies, the Associated Press reports. Prosecutors accuse him of killing late-term, viable babies after they were delivered alive, in violation of state abortion laws. The testimony the court heard this week is gruesome and shocking, to say the least. It includes one worker's statement that she "snipped the spines" of at least 10 babies during "unorthodox abortions" at Gosnell's direction.


Defense lawyer Jack McMahon has called the prosecution of his client, who is black, "a lynching."

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