Asian-American Couple Held in Qatar Over Death of Adopted Black Daughter

Grace and Matthew Huang
Yahoo News screenshot

An American couple have been held in Qatar for nearly two years after the death of their daughter.

According to Yahoo News, Matthew and Grace Huang have been accused by the Qatar government of starving their adopted daughter Gloria to death.


After Gloria was found unresponsive and subsequently passed away on Jan. 15, 2013, the Huangs were jailed and separated from their other children, two sons also adopted from Africa. The Huangs have stated that Grace suffered from malnutrition before her adoption that could have played a role in her death. However, authorities in Qatar believe that the couple starved her in order to sell her organs on the black market.

The trial has illuminated racist attitudes and cultural differences that the Huangs feel are at the root of their persecution. "I believe that authorities in Qatar suspected foul play because we are Asian and we adopted three children from Africa who are black," Matthew told Yahoo News.

The couple were sentenced to three years in prison on March 27 of this year. They were able to appeal the sentencing and have returned to their apartment in Qatar. However, the prosecution also appealed the decision and has asked for the death penalty.

The couple will face a sentencing hearing on Nov. 30.

The State Department has requested that the Qatar government "bring the case to an expeditious and just conclusion," according to the New York Times.


"I'm fearful. I'm fearful of this country, I'm fearful of this government," Matthew told Katie Couric during a Yahoo News segment.

Read more at Yahoo News and the New York Times.

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