Ashley Judd: Hip-Hop Has a 'Rape Culture'

Ashley Judd displays her new memoir. (Jim Spellman/Getty Images)

RadarOnline reports that actress Ashley Judd's new memoir, All That Is Bitter and Sweet, includes attacks on Snoop Dogg, Diddy, and rap and hip-hop overall. The commentary, which was made in the context of discussion of her work in AIDS awareness, includes the following quotes:

YouthAIDS created hip public service announcements for TV and radio using popular local and international celebrities and athletes and was participating in the MTV World AIDS Day 'Staying Alive' concerts.

Along with other performers, YouthAIDS was supported by rap and hip-hop artists like Snoop Dogg and P. Diddy to spread the message … um, who? Those names were a red flag.

As far as I'm concerned, most rap and hip-hop music — with its rape culture and insanely abusive lyrics and depictions of girls and women as 'ho's' — is the contemporary soundtrack of misogyny.

We're with her on the misogyny point (old news; perhaps new if you grew up in a country-western family).

But "rape culture"? That's a really serious allegation that might actually go so far that it ultimately serves to distract from the point she was trying to make. The conversation is an important one, but if you're going to commit to putting that disturbing a label on two entire (and very diverse) genres of music, can we get a set of citations or something?


Read more at RadarOnline.

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