On Saturday, the Chicago Teachers Union provided their new proposal to start remote learning on Wednesday if school officials agree to a set of additional COVID-19 safety protocols

From Chicago Tribune:

Under the latest offer, CTU members would return to classrooms starting Monday — not for formal classes but to distribute laptops and help students sign up for a weekly, school-based COVID-19 testing program. Remote learning would begin Wednesday with in-person classes slated to return Jan. 18, if case numbers hold right.


Sounds pretty reasonable given that Chicago Public Schools staff and students are not at in-person classes because they have COVID-19 or are quarantining because of possible exposure. However, Lightfoot and Chicago Public Schools have rejected any notion of remote learning. CTU President Jesse Sharkey pushed back and “would solve all the outstanding issues, would give parents the clarity that we will begin instruction next week and begin in-person instruction on the 18th.”

Speaking further:

“We’re not talking about a long, indefinite period where schools are remote,” Sharkey said, but a temporary measure while “we’re dealing with the high point of a surge.”

He contended that “what the mayor is basically offering instead is no instruction at all. … This impasse is hurting students.”


Other proposals included a greater substitute teacher stipend of $1,000 compared to the regular $420 monthly stipend and metric benchmarks requiring schools to go back to remote learning:


Hopefully, a deal will be reached soon. While a vast majority agree students benefit more from in-school learning, safety is equally important.