Art Project Aims to Brighten Chicago's South Side

Emily Schiffer
Emily Schiffer

An art project has taken over vacant buildings on Chicago's storied South Side to help attract development in one of the city's poorest neighborhoods.


For the "See Potential" project, Brooklyn, N.Y.-based photographer Emily Schiffer and Orrin Williams of the Center for Urban Transformation have taken the lead in placing large photography artwork on vacant buildings. And what makes the story even better is that the artwork is from artists from those same South Side streets.

A campaign was recently launched to help get the project off the ground. The project's ultimate goal is to show investors the potential that these South Side neighborhoods have through these photographs.


"I'm not just documenting a problem; there's actually a lot of potential for solutions that can be included in the project," Schiffer told Benevolent Media.

Schiffer is currently trying to raise $10,000 to compensate contributors, mostly photographers.

Read more at Benevolent Media.

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