Arrest Made in Case of Girl Found in Trash Can

Jorelys Rivera
Jorelys Rivera

A 20-year-old Georgia man has been arrested in the murder of 7-year-old Jorelys Rivera.


Rivera, who disappeared from a Canton, Ga., playground last week, was missing for three days, until authorities found her body in a trash can outside her apartment complex. Police say the girl was brutally beaten, stabbed and sexually assaulted.

Ryan Brunn was brought into custody today as a suspect in the case after numerous tips led cops to his apartment. Brunn, who worked in the same apartment complex that the young child lived in, was one of hundreds of people interviewed since the child went missing.

Director of the Georgia Bureau of Investigations Vernon Keenan said that several tips from the public lead authorities to Brunn. "We are investigating all of the past history of Ryan Brunn and piecing together what he's been doing the last several years," said Keena. "We have sent agents to other states and also to other counties, and we're going to backtrack all of his activities and make a determination if he has been involved in other crimes. He has no known criminal history to us, but we will find out."

Brunn is scheduled to be arraigned this Thursday.

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