Arizona Repairman Captured on Camera Telling Black Customer He'd Beat Him Like a 'Slave'

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Screenshot: ABC15 Arizona

All the brotha was trying to do was get his refrigerator fixed.

But, alas, being Black in America makes the simplest of tasks difficult because some white people can be trash. This episode of “Racist-Ass White People” took place on Jan. 20 in Avondale, Ariz., when Ricky Barnes called Select Warranty to fix his refrigerator, according to ABC15 Arizona. A repairman with J&H Microwave and Appliance Repair was sent to Barnes’ home.


At some point, the two men disagreed over whether or not Barnes’ warranty would cover the repair costs because the fridge was inside his garage, and a heated argument ensued. Phoenix New Times reports that the two men argued about the matter until the repairman, who was later identified as “Peter,” allegedly said, “I’m not fixing this shit.”

Per the New Times, this is when things got ugly:

Barnes said he felt threatened. He told the man to leave his house and that he was going to report him to the warranty company. As the technician was walking away, he turned to Barnes and said, “I will kick your ass” and “I’ll beat you down like a mother fucking slave,” Barnes said, adding that the man repeated the phrase several times.

When the technician was in the driveway, he turned around again and told Barnes, “I’ll be back” and started approaching him. That’s when Barnes grabbed a nearby shower curtain rod “for protection” and started recording the incident. (He accidentally set it to audio-only before activating the video as well a moment later.)

“I’m in fear of my life now. I’ve got my wife, my two kids in the home,” he said.

In the audio and video recording, which is embedded below, the technician can be heard repeating the racial slur.

Ricky says, “You going to threaten me in my own house?”

The technician yells, “I will beat you like a mother fucking, fucking slave.”

“You going to beat me like a slave? Oh wow,” Ricky responds.

The technician repeats the slur: “I will beat you like a fucking slave.”

Yeah, Peter actually said that shit and y’all can listen to the recording for yourselves.

No one was physically injured during the verbal argument.

Barnes called Peter’s company to complain about the incident but got nowhere. He ended up filing a report with the Avondale Police Department. A cop called Peter to discuss the incident. Peter said he did not use a racial slur, but we know that is a lie because the video says so.

Barnes has hired an attorney to represent him and the local NAACP is backing him, too. He says he and his son are going to counseling to work through the incident.

“This guy is still walking the streets of Arizona,” Barnes told the Phoenix New Times. “I believe the police department has enough information to arrest this individual. I’m just like, ‘Wow, how is he able to walk around?’”

Terrell Jermaine Starr is a senior reporter at The Root. He is currently writing a book proposal that analyzes US-Russia relations from a black perspective.



Yelp does not hold J&H in high regard and that was before Yelp shut down comments after their racism went viral. It doesn’t sound like their owner gives a fuck about rude and racist techs. If that’s the case it looks like complaints should be directed at Select Warranty and based on another Yelp review the Lowes Protection Program who both use them as vendors. These warranty services probably throw a lot of work their way.