Ariz. Del Taco Manager Fired After Claiming: ‘I Am the Boss. My Dad’s Actually the F--king Owner, so Good Luck With That’

Stephen A. Crockett Jr.
A Phoenix-area Del Taco manager was fired after he cursed out a man and woman while boasting that he couldn’t be terminated because his father owned the fast-food restaurant.
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A Phoenix-area Del Taco manager has been fired after a profanity-laced exchange with drive-thru customers went viral, 12 News reports.

Video of the exchange between two customers at the Peoria, Ariz., fast-food restaurant was posted to Vimeo on Wednesday and quickly went viral. It's unclear how the incident started, but once the recording begins, the manager can be seen flipping the customers off before walking to the window.

When the customers, a man and woman, tell the manager that they will send the video to the man's boss, the manager replies: "I am the boss. My dad's actually the [f—king] owner, so good luck with that.

"Dude, I've done this a billion times," he continues. "You guys give me [s—t] all the [f—king] time. … I'm not talking about you specifically. I'm talking about you as a customer."

When the customers continue filming, the manager asks: "So how long you guys wanna do this? Like five minutes? An hour? I can do this all [f—king] day. But like, in reality, it's the same [f—king] outcome. Why? Because you got your sauces and you guys are still being bitches, and I'm [f—king] ticked off 'cause I still got orders."

The male customer then asks the manager, "If you hate your job so bad, why don't you quit?"


"This is my [f—king] fortune right here," the manager answered, gesturing to the restaurant.

See the exchange below. (Warning: Some of the language in the video is NSFW.)

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