Aretha Franklin to Give Free NYC Concert

Aretha Franklin to give free concert (Getty)

News outlets are reporting that the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, will be giving a free concert on Thursday at NYC's Coney Island. Franklin canceled two performances in Brooklyn last year after being sidelined by a series of mysterious ailments. The legendary songstress will perform some of her greatest hits, like "Freeway of Love," and songs from her latest album, A Woman Falling Out of Love.

The article reports that the Queen of Soul stated, "They will get to hear everything that they came to hear — all of the hits."


How noble of the queen to give a free concert to make up for disappointing fans last year. You can never get enough of Aretha. Being able to see her for free at this stage of her career, and during a recession, is priceless.

Read more at the Boston Herald.

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