Don Cheadle (Getty Images)

Are these black actors underrated?: BlackAmericaWeb wants Don Cheadle, Dennis Haysbert and others to get more work and more attention.

Are liberals as bad as Limbaugh when it comes to slut-shaming? Slate's Katie Roiphe thinks so. She says the left has a lot to answer for, too, when it comes to attacks on women.


Author: American Bandstand blocked black teens: In his book The Nicest Kids in Town, an assistant professor of American studies at Scripps College in Claremont, Calif., writes that the popular dance show kept African-American teens off the stage, despite host Dick Clark's later claims to the contrary.

Romney wins Hawaii and American Samoa: Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who lost the primaries in Alabama and Mississippi to former Sen. Rick Santorum, ended the night with smaller wins in Hawaii and American Samoa.

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